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1-Up Software, Inc. is a multidisciplinary and synergistic group of professionals growing successful companies in the Denver/Boulder, Colorado region. Our talented individuals have spent many years as key contributors and managers in both the Fortune 500 and beyond. Through a wealth of valuable experience our staffers exhibit the integrity, effectiveness and "know how" needed to bring products and services to market using angel and private investment.

Building multidisciplinary teams, organizing the needed resources, and defining achieveable goals are essential components of our company development process. We target the development of companies in the technical products and services markets.

If your company is just forming, or looking to break out to the next level of performance, contacting us may be the catalyst needed for optimum performance.


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-- VC Trends --
According to the National Venture Capital Association, conventional VC investment decreased in Q2 2005. The resulting middle-market void will be filled by angel and private investment.

Contact us if you would like a confidential and honest valuation of your business model or company as it exists today.

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