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Banking and business all in one.
Reinventing your current portal.

Say "Hi!" to your Business Assistant
By the customer's side every day.

Business Assistant

AI Categorized Transactions

AI transforms bank feeds into accounting with 95% accuracy (#1 Ranked by Forbes AI benchmark).

Business Assistant

Financial Performance

Ready-To-Use financial reports when needed by the bank, accountant, tax authorities or even business partners.

Business Assistant

Cash Flow Forecast

Automated and customizable by each client.

Business Assistant


From Quote to Invoicing to Cash and Sales Tax tracking.

Business Assistant

Pay Bills

Scan bills and pay in a snap.

Business Assistant

Fully personalized, inside your SMB online portal.

Cherry-pick Business Assistant's features to strengthen Bank's differentiation.

Customize and design the Business Assistant that fits your brand and customers' needs, by either fully embedding OneUp's API-based solution or by consuming OneUp's front-end.

Expanding usage drastically.
Thanks to addictive features.

10 times more usage compared to traditional banking portals.
85% customers logging-in each month.

Most reliable technology
Turning data into intelligence

A.I. you can trust...
...with 95% accuracy
ranked #1 by Forbes.

Smart Advice by Business Assistant

Thanks to

Smart Advice by Business Assistant

Your net banking revenue at stake.

Secure and increase your revenue.

Growing your net banking revenue through real-time cross-sales and making the most out of your Small Business existing customers thanks to Smart Advices™powered by OneUp.

Open banking through neobanks players like Google, Intuit, PayPal, Square and more coming, has created new threats on all your business banking revenue streams: from deposits, loans to payments.

Smart Adviceby Business Assistant

1Anticipate your customer challenges.

2 Offer the Relevant Financial Service. 

3 Take Action in Real Time.

4 Get rewarded.

Increase the knowledge of your clients...

…to offer the right personalized financial service…

..matching your customer needs at the right time

Get the most out of your Small Business Customers and transform your banking portal into a revenue generating channel.

Business Assistant-as-a-service.
Make OneUp technology yours.

OneUp platform is API based to ensure fast implementation and to offer the customization and the flexibility you need for your project.


Display income, spending and overall profitability for the defined period of time, in a defined currency. Data is provided by OneUp AI that transforms bank feeds into accounting entries.


Show how much money the customer expects to receive and to pay over the next months. Give a predictive cash balance.Numbers are fed by bank feeds, OneUp AI prediction and customer entries. 


Create or display fully customizable invoices. Send invoices that can integrate requests for payment. Can be easily connected to a payment gateway for a better customer experience and invoice/payment automated reconciliation.Essential to build an efficient AR automated process.


Turn data embedded in bills into accounting entries. Bills can be PDF files, scanned documents or captured by a digital camera. Can be easily connected to your payment initiation API in order to create the foundation of a perfect automated AR process.


Create pop up messages to provide customized advice. Smart Advice can be triggered based on customer data, dates, forecasted numbers or your own specification. You can match messages with your portfolio of products and services in order to create a powerful cross-sell and up-sell engine. Gives you the scalability to address large number of customers.