A businesswoman with brown hair and glasses using her laptop computer.

Ask about your
bank transactions

Stay in touch with your finances to better manage your business.

I need a quick view of my bank to stay on the top of my finances.

Ask about your
bank transactions

Your bank feed automatically turned into accounting data.

Business and Banking under the same roof.

The Business Assistant gives you access to your banking transactions and a real-time insight into your company's finances.The Business Assistant works behind the scenes to assist you on a daily basis so that you can focus on what is most important to you, achieving your goals.

All your accounts in one place.

The Business Assistant allows you to link accounts from other banks, so you can access all your automatically reconciled and categorized finances at a glance and at any time.

Stay on top of your finances.

The Business Assistant allows to benefit from Forbes’ ranked #1 smart AI to fine-tune the categorization of your incomings and outgoings so you can better manage your finances.